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This Abstract is reprinted from Theriogenology, February 1989, Vol 31, Iss 2, pp 341-346, with permission from Elsevier Science.

Stallion Ejaculation Induced by Manual Stimulation of the Penis

Jim Crump, Jr. and Julia Crump
Roanoke A.I. Laboratories, Inc. 8535 Martin Creek Road, Roanoke, VA 24018

Received for publication:   February 25, 1988
Accepted:   November 21, 1988


This paper reports the use of a procedure for collection of semen from stallions by manual stimulation of the penis while the stallion is standing. Our use of this method with 18 stallions of various ages and types of semen collection experience indicates that this method may be an efficient alternative to traditional semen collection techniques using an artificial vagina and stimulus mare or dummy mount mare. Our observations, together with those of others who have tried the manual technique, suggest that both animals and handlers can be readily trained to use this method. Limited data suggests that semen samples obtained by manual stimulation are similar to those obtained using an artificial vagina.

Key Words: equine, stallion, semen collection, artificial insemination

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Each individual stallion should be carefully evaluated by experienced personnel as to their suitablity for semen collection using this technique to reduce the chance of injury to either the handler or the stallion. Approximately 1/3 of stallions will stand firmly while being collected using this technique, another 1/3 will walk forward during collection, and the remaining 1/3 will rear and stand on their hind legs during collection.

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